Facts about Koalas – More about Phascolarctos Cinereus

Koalas are oftenly referred to as bear. This occurs because the animal has always been cuddly. However, this is a misconception because they are not really a bear. They are more of a marsupial. This means that have always been a pouched mammal. This is just one of the facts about Koalas that most people are not aware of. Well, they should because the said mammal is not as easy as it looks like. Usually, as an infant emerge from it, it will ride on the back of the mother. This may even cling to its belly. This is a way to accompany the mentioned until it is already a year older.

The Behavior and Diet

Koalas are usually from the eastern Australia. This is where the eucalyptus trees are situated. These have always been plentiful. As a matter of fact, they are unlikely to stay on leaves. They also have their sharp claws and even that of opposable digits. This is a way for them to be kept aloft for most of the occurrences. Whenever they doze, they would always tuck themselves into nooks or forks. These are all going to be in the trees. They would most likely sleep there for almost 18 hours.

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Whenever they are not sleeping, the koala would feed itself on eucalyptus trees. They would always do this at night. Koalas are not really water drinkers. They would obtain their moisture from the leaves they see. That is how it has always been. For every animal comes a really tremendous amount of size. Usually, this is two and a half pound. This is true about their leaves. They can do this with their pouches which is again, commendable. They do not often perform this but they actually can.

They also have this special digestive system. This is known to be a long gut. This would normally allow a koala to break the eucalyptus leaves. This is a way for them to remain unharmed most especially through a poison. Koalas are responsible in eating leaves and because of this, they would normally take a distinctive odor originating from the oil. This may be reminiscent to that of cough drops which is another.

As for the koala’s population, the plump may be perceived. This is normally perceived and hunted ever since the year 1920 to 1930. This is when the population plunges. Usually, koalas are helped through reintroduction. As a matter of fact, they have almost reappeared and this is very much true from their former range. The populations are way scattered and smaller though. With this, Koalas would always depend for a great whole lot of space. They would be needing hundred trees for every animal there is. This has been a problem faced by the woodlands of Australia. Up until now, they are still shrinking.

There are still many possibilities linked with koalas. Needless to say, they add up to the beauty of Australia. Once you see one, do not forget to admire its beauty!