The Great Barrier Reef Facts – What are they really about?

The planet comes with a living structure of course. This is where the Great Barrier Reef is talked about. This is known to be rich and diverse in all its might. Indeed, there are so many Great Barrier Reef facts that have to be learned about. First of all, it stretches in 2, 3000 kilometers. This is considered to be a natural icon on its own. It can be large and it may even be perceived in the space. This is how it has been.

Aside from its expanse, the reefs became popular because of the colorful maze they have. They are also intricate as far as architecture is concerned. They have the ability to provide a shelter, haven and home for a great number of animals and plants. There are some that live there like crocodiles and turtles. These are already around ever since the prehistoric times. The marine cultures are just breath taking in the most possible way there is. They have almost 600 types of hard corals. These can be soft too. There are almost 100 species of jellyfish around. Most of these are of 3000 varieties. These are the mollusks. As for the worms, they are 500 species. There are also 1625 kinds of fish. Sharks and rays have 133 varieties while dolphins and whales come with 30 species.

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Needless to say, The Great Barrier Relief will always be unique. It has the chance to extend to almost 14 degrees. This might be coming from latitude and other shallow estuarine areas. All of these may be deep in the oceanic waters.

The presence of the coral reefs made the place famous. This cannot be denied. This is made up of almost seven per cent of Marine Park. The same is also the case with the World Heritage Area.

As for the remaining part of the Marine Park, this is known to be an extraordinary variety of different marine habitats. This ranges from the shallow inshore areas like the mangroves, seagrass, sponge gardens, algal, sand and even most of the inter-reefal communities. Deep oceanic areas are almost around too. These are more than just 250km offshore.

Instead of owning a one level protection through the entire Marine Park, the area is said to be divided into various zones. Each zone comes with rules which would outline activities that are sometimes prohibited.

Now the real question is – how big is the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park then? To have an estimation, the Tasmania and Victoria can be combined. That is the expanse of it. It may also be bigger than that of Holland, United Kingdom and Switzerland when put together. These are of the same area with that of Malaysia, Japan, Germany and even that of Italy. This is also half the size of Texas. This may even be smaller than that of the whole Baltic Sea.

Most of the time, the Marine Park can always stretch and this may be 2,300 km just along that of the Queensland coast. This is situated in the northern-eastern Australia.