The Intricacies of Olivia Palermo’s Wedding

Olivia Palermo is one of the well-known socialites in the whole country.  She has also made appearances in the hit reality TV show ‘The City’ beside lead star Whitney Port. She started out as an actress, then modeled for several designers and eventually joined New York’s social circuit. Somewhere along the way she met German model Johannes Huebl and the two fell in love. In June 2014, they decided to tie the knot. Check out details of Olivia Palermo’s wedding.

It seems that Olivia is trying out her wedding skirt in the photo above. She definitely looks good in it, what with her graceful stance.

Olivia and Johannes look so good together because of their matching gorgeous appearance. There is one word that can best describe them together: perfect!

The two are obviously in love with one another. It is the kind of love that leads two people to marry one another.

Here is the gorgeous looking couple, all smiles. It seems that they love to spend time with each other.

Olivia and Johannes are madly in love with each other. The photo above shows them in a loving embrace by the beach.

The couple took a selfie photo of themselves with Olivia on the chest of her loving man. Could be a sign that she has a rock to lean on.

In one of their trips together, the couple share a tender moment while enjoying the perquisites of their first class flight.

It looks like shopping is one of Olivia’s favorite past times. Here she is shown with her husband posing in front of one of her favorite stores.

The ever happy couple looks so engaged while walking hand-in-hand along the street. You will certainly feel the love between them.

Everything that they do shows a lot of connection happening between them. Their trip to the National Mall of Washington D.C. emphasizes just that.